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Let's talk about me for a second
A little about me

I was born in Dallas, Texas. After attending Catholic grade and high schools, I went for the triple crown and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor's degree in graphic design in 2007.

I have returned to school to work on medical school prerequisites. I would like to become a pediatrician, but I am open to learning where I fit best.

There are three things I want in whatever I do: to work with people, to care for people, and to be creative. I might not be able to get all three from one job, but I intend to find a combination in my life that works.

Once I realized working with and helping others fulfilled me-- once I got that taste-- I knew I wanted more. I believe I have both the right head and heart to do well in the field. I am eager to learn, to lead, to collaborate, and to contribute.

This is not a farewell to my creative side. I expect to remain active in design-- for instance, I want to continue to develop my skills in textiles and patterns. I am also interested in using industrial design to bring people practical, meaningful solutions in health and medicine.

These puzzle pieces are finally falling into place. I am excited to see what the future holds.

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