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Osler Society

Texas A&M College of Medicine has developed a system of four societies into which medical students can be sorted. As a member of the Osler Society, I designed this script for use on t-shirts. Instead of using a pre-existing typeface, I constructed the script by hand using the pen tool.

Adobe Illustrator, 2015

This was a proposed design for the t-shirts. Letters were inspired by body parts and medical devices: eye, neuron, bones, stethoscope, and intestines.

Adobe Illustrator, 2015

Society Crests

After researching the namesakes of the four societies, I designed unique crests.
For Galen, I was inspired by the architecture of the cerebral veins and the expression all roads lead to Rome.
For Hippocrates, I represented the Oath with another symbol of commitment: a ring, shaped like an H.
For Osler, a globe to symbolize the worldwide spread of his influence on medical education; the globe is also found in the seal of Johns Hopkins University, the institution whose medical school Osler helped to found.
For Pasteur, a swan-neck flask, a rabbit, and a syringe, symbolizing his contributions to vaccination.

Adobe Illustrator, 2015

Osler portrait

I also illustrated Osler.

Adobe Illustrator, 2015

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